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TOPIC: Tips I wish I'd known when I started

Tips I wish I'd known when I started #4330

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copy/paste de aici :
Exploration and travel

  • You can travel between wayshrines for free, you only pay to travel to one if you're not at another
  • You can feed horses (like levelling) to increase speed, bag space and sprint
  • There are hints for finding Skyshards built into the UI (Press J (opens quest journal) > Click "Achievements" Tab > Click "Skyshards" Tab > Select the zone you want to find Skyshards in > Read the hints they give you.)
  • If you buy the Imperial edition your horse will be available to all your characters (Launch only if from 3rd party)
  • The parts of the map with skull and cross-bones are veteran areas and are extremely tough without a group, even the mud-crabs are twice as deadly!
  • Speaking to random npc's can reveal locations on your map.
  • Don't rush out of the tutorial area (the prison). Loot everything you can. You will end up with some armor, weapon, dozens of lockpicks, at least 1 racial motif book and all sorts of other loot.
  • The Achievements tab in the Journal lists the titles of the zone-specific Lorebooks so you can refer to it to determine if you have found all of the lorebooks found only in that zone.
  • Monsters in Cyrodiil can drop set items which are scaled to your current level. They drop more often from "named" mobs inside of caves, also these "named" mobs drop soul gems of your current level frequently.
  • All caves in Cyrodill have a skyshard inside of them. (At least the ones i've been in all had one)
  • Explore. Most things are off the routes to quests.
  • There's a guild that you can join called "The Undaunted" much like the mages or fighters guild. It's usually in an Inn in your starting city.
  • Swimming can be deadly. You may get slaughtered if you swim in a spot you're not supposed too.
  • You have to discover your faction's dungeon before the dungeons of the other factions will appear on the map (ie. you have to discover Spindleclutch by traveling to it before you will see Banished Cells or Fungal Grotto).
  • There are places on the map and things to do that no quest is going to lead you to, so get out there and explore.
  • Can confirm coldhourbor has at least 1 racial motifs, most i have gotten in a single run was 3. the tutorial not the questline.
  • PvE in cyrodil, monsters will say level 50 but they scale to your level.
  • Swimming in deep water brings the wrath of the slaughterfish.
  • Trying to recall to a wayshrine immediately after recalling a previous time will cost several hundred gold. The amount of gold required to recall again will reduce by 1g a second.
  • To rez another player, the soul gem needs to match the level of the person DOING the rez, NOT the person being rezed. So, if you are level 20, you cannot rez anyone until you fill a level 20 soul gem. The level 10-19 gems will not rez a level 3 player if you are level 20 either (moderator has stated it needs to match the level of the person you're rezzing - so this needs to be checked)
  • If you want to pve in Cyrodiil and REALLY dislike pvp, find a empty campaign and sign in as a guest.
  • You can see quest status by the colour of the icon on the map. If it's white, it means you completed the quest for that area, if it's black, you haven't. It's quite easy to overlook if you don't know about it.
  • Go off the beaten path. Don't just go from quest to quest. Walk around a little bit, go explore. There are a ton of locations that offer books, containers, chests, world bosses, and more.
  • Don't ask in zone chat about where you can find a horse...go to the nearest town and check your map for the stables!
  • Often times when you wander from the beaten track, you might find an npc in an alcove or hidden location from plain sight. There would be no marking on the compass or merchant tag in the name/map, and only by talking to him you would understand he is a merchant. Make sure you look through his wares thoroughly, there might be some uniquely named items which start quests. I was lucky enough to find two in beta, and each rewarded a nice blue gear at the end of the quest chain.
  • Example: One time there was this mine entrance which was on the way to getting another quest hub. right to the left of the mine entrance i saw one of those rocky paths going up. i always check these for chests and this time right above the mine door, hidden from view from the front of the mine unless you go up that rock ramp, was a Dunmer sitting by a campfire. talking to him made me see that he has a merchant inventory. and in that inventory was a particular item called something like a "fetish figurine". i won't spoil the rest of the quest.......

  • Loot

  • Looting Barrels, Crates, Back Packs give Provisioning mats such as grain, malt, water, and recipes.
  • Looting Wardrobes, Nightstands, Drawers, Dressers give you lock picks, crafting racial stones, and racial motif books (used to craft in different racial style).
  • Boss mobs in dungeons can be killed multiple times. They spawn when a new player or group moves through the dungeon. You can assist them, and get loot. Over time the loot quality diminishes to white loot, but each boss will have a blue item that you will get as a reward. I'm not sure about the trigger on that, either total damage done or starting the fight. It is only awarded once.
  • Resource nodes that spawn Runes will randomize between the three types when they spawn.
  • Boss Mobs in dungeons will drop potions and a filled soul gem appropriate to your level. You can farm the boss for a bit to build up a supply.
  • In dungeons, there are chests that have loot that goes to only the person who opens the chest first (or interacts with it and opens it first, rather). Try to spot them in corners of dungeons to snag em.
  • You can leave items in a chest for others to take if two of you are nearing the chest and you opened it first. They can also take your chest items the split second you open it so be fast if you want it all.

  • Questing & levelling your skills

  • You can level multiple different armors at the same time by mixing up what you wear, however each one will level slower than if you have a full set of light/med/heavy
  • The NPC-owned towns in Cyrodiil have repeatable PVE quests
  • You get a big chunk of XP from completing quests, so to level up a 2nd weapon skill, switch to it before turning in a quest
  • You can reset your skills for gold, there are locations to do this for each faction (thought to only be in live not beta)
  • You can level a skill line by having an active ability slotted on the hotbar, even if you never use that ability
  • At the very start of the game when you have empty hotbar slots, add the Soul Trap spell to your bar. It's a reasonable dot and even if you never use it, you start to level up the Soul Magic skill line
  • Recommend Soul Trap from the Soul Magic skill tree as your first skill point. Get as many Soul Gems as you can afford as early as possible. They are invaluable for self-resurrection from the same spot you died, resurrecting others or charging certain weapon enchants. It is cheapest and quickest to fill empty Soul Gems by nuking 1HP criters, like rats, sheep, etc. Empty or full Soul Gems can be obtained randomly from loot drops or by buying them from the Mages Guild or some ‘mage’ vendors
  • You get upgrades to stamina, magicka and health at every level even if you never put points into them. So for efficiency it's a good idea to put some class skills that use magicka and weapon skills that use stamina so you can make use of both pools. At least early in the game anyway.
  • You only get one point to spend in one magic/health/stamina tho. The increase in pools of each are just because you are a higher level character and skills cost more of each. Its not related to how much you use each one.
  • Mundus stones offer buffs to your character which can be changed by visiting other stones. There is a complete set of Mundus stones for each Alliance so get exploring to find out what they do.
  • Also, you can boost the Mundus stone's effect on your character if you wear equipment with the relevant trait on it.
  • When using a Bookshelf, there is a chance of reading a book that will raise one of your skills with 1 level.
  • Book cases offer XP based on the book inside.
  • PvE quests are usually around the "miscellaneous" icons (tree icon and so forth) on the map. Completing the quests near the icon will turn it white.
  • Press T to cycle through your quests in the quest tracker.
  • If a quest fails to spawn a mob for completion, relog to fix the issue.
  • The more skills from the same tree you have on your active hotbar, the faster that skill tree gains XP.
  • Skills can be morphed once you level them up enough, to upgrade it you have to use one skillpoint.
  • The biggest thing players should keep in mind when starting out is that experience is tied to what's on your skillbar, so you want to try to have a skill on your skillbar from every class tree and your weapon tree while you level, and only focus on min maxxing much later in the game.
  • Your first three skill points should go into each of your classes' tree so they will all level up. If you don't do this one of your trees will stay at 0 until you start to invest a point there otherwise they will all level up a bit even though you never have an ability from one tree slotted.
  • You have to put the soul trap spell on your bar. Cast soul trap right before you kill an enemy and if you have an appropriate level soul gem it gets filled. However, After a while I was just finding both empty and full soul gems throughout the world.
  • Not all quest givers stay put. Many quests will have the quest giver move closer if not right to you when you complete the quest. Caused much back tracking when I wouldn't catch it.
  • When you run out of magicka and stamina before your opponent is even down to half health in PvP, you begin to see the wisdom in assigning every single attribute to health.

  • Crafting

  • Pick up materials and actually craft, its not super lame like every other mmo
  • Crafting armor and weapons is the best way in the early game to get the best stuff. Items come in five quality levels represented by five colors: white, green, blue, purple and gold. The colors signify the quality of the item in ascending order, but only for that particular level. For example, a gold level 10 item might be better than a green level 12 item.
  • Killing many of the level 1 mobs such as rats & spiders give fishing bait. Collecting insects like butterflies also. Fishing requires using a proper bait at the proper location. Your chances of getting a rare fish improves when more people fish at the same spot, but that can also make a fishing hole dry out faster.
  • You can create any of the tier1 crafted items without investing a single skill point
  • In order to create tier 2 of ANY of the six disciplines, you have to spend a skill point IN THAT DISCIPLINE to create tier 2 stuff. (IE to create tier 2 across all six disciples will require investing 6 skill points, one in each line.)
  • Eating an alchemy ingredient will reveal one of it's properties: Question asked: There are 4 four effects for each herb in alchemy, so can you learn more than first affect buy continuing to eat an ingredient or is it capped at the first ability? Answer: Capped at the first.
  • You can craft at a crafting station with materials stored in your bank.
  • You gain more crafting Exp from breaking down gear others have created than the ones you create.
  • You can mail excess items to an alt character. They don't count toward your bag space until the mail is opened. Unless something has changed in the last build, this one is incorrect - you cannot mail anything to your alts, only to players on another account.
  • You can buy glyphs to enchant your armor, weapons and jewelry cheaply. Armor glyphs are for max stamina, magicka, and health, and there are 8 with a shield.
  • Recipes are more reliably found in desks, cupboards, wardrobes, and other non-provisioning containers.
  • "Heavy Bags" contain random crafting materials, up to and including legendary tempers. These spawn like chests, and when looted they disappear.
  • Remember that there are "Set" Armor crafting stations. Try to research the traits needed for these if you want a set. It will take 18 hours of research per piece if those are the only two traits you unlock.
  • All stations have the same research options, but Set stations will allow you to craft Set bonus items if you have the 2 required traits for each set researched on the armor pieces you want to make.
  • Plan on crafting gear every 2 levels in the early leveling stages. That way you'll always have best gear available for the most part, and never run around gear-less. Weap upgrades every 2 levels is huge too for damage output.
  • You can only have 1 provisioning effect on at a time.
  • Breakdown and extract all loot you don't plan to use. You'll get tempers, trait gems, racial materials, and the processed resources sell for more than the item.
  • In some/most cases you CAN recharge your weapon using a level appropriate soul gem. HOWEVER, soul gems are expensive. If you have some weapon runes, they will just replace the depleted charge with a new effect and not cost you a soul gem.
  • If you are crafting your own medium armor, level up with light armor and save your leather pieces for actual armor, the only way to get the sub-component is through dis-assembly or drops off of animals.
  • Bank all gear with researchable traits and the trait stones. Constant uptime on your research is the optimal way to go.
  • Start your 12 hour research right before logging at night if you can time it right.
  • Begin crafting early. You can make much better gear than the overpriced junk offered by shops
  • Deconstruct everything when first starting out. You can sell unwanted materials for much more than early-game gear.
  • You enchant by right clicking an item in your inventory... I can't be the only one who was scratching their heads at the enchanting table...
  • Enchants are applied to items directly.
  • 10 minutes running along the coast instagibbing mudcrabs gave me more rawhide than I knew what to do with.
  • Btw the best way to level is to wait to 50 and extract level 50/veteran gear (doesn't mean don't do it before - just good to know)
  • You have several options for selling crafted items: 1. Through mail, you send the item you want to sell with a COD ( cash on delivery) attached. Easy, fast and the worst possible way for trade. Since each mail you send takes about 10% of the total value (10% of the item value and 10% from the cod) 2. Guildstore, not sure if guilds can make it so that they recieve a percentage of the profit..i personally never tried this. 3. Trading in person. The most easiest way of selling stuff without any loss of profit. Make sure they give you the right amount of gold though. I prefer this since i will not lose any profit.
  • For researching traits to put on a bow, you need to research a bow with the trait you want (not e.g. a staff)
  • Each trait you research of one item ( a bow for example) takes longer then the last. It starts a 6 hours ( i think), next one is 12 hours etc.
  • You can research one trait at a time for each crafting skill, which means that you can research multiple things at once as long as they aren't from the same crafting line.
  • To make ingots of a certain type of metal you extract the ore material, there is no smelting in ESO - needs 10 ore to make some ingots.
  • The edges of rivers and lakes spawn water solvent nodes needed for alchemy. Water solvent can also be found in waterskins near camps.
  • Roll your main but if you tend to insist on more than 2 crafts; roll an alt bankbot right away. Don’t spend too much money on bag/bank expansions for at least a few weeks. Not all crafting is created equal and provisioning will require more space than blacksmithing, woodworking, or tailoring. When you are rich and have less inventory issues, you can always delete that bankbot to make space for legitimate alts. The bankbot will use their own inventory (not their bank as that is shared) as a temporary bank.
  • If you are not adverse to external websites, get crafting guides. It doesn’t do you much good hanging on to a tier one crafting item if you are doing level 30 type stuff. Currently there are no tooltips that guide you adequately. For instance; I used thin broth a lot starting out. 3 weeks later while struggling to find bank space (yet again) I discovered a stack of 96 of them that I did not even realize I had stopped using a few weeks before.
  • Crafters: spending skill points on the right things at the right times is more challenging to you than a non-crafter. The two specs in most craft lines that should be considered for investing in very soon after rolling is your companion (they often send better items than what you can acquire easily in the world) and the “Keen Eye” skill (It really does help a lot)

  • General Gameplay & gear / skill use (PVE or PVP)

  • The easy way to interrupt is to click and hold the right mouse button, then click the left mouse button. If you interrupt the target, using heavy attack while the target is disoriented will knock the target down. Pay attention to the effect your abilities have on different types of monsters. Some powerful creatures are immune to certain effects, while whole groups of monsters might be resistant to others.
  • There are only 3 jewelry slots, and those cover regen, resistance, and other modifier buffs. Plan accordingly!
  • Any merchant can repair your gear (but it may be better to replace - see crafting)
  • You have to buy your IE horse at a stable for 100g (at any stable) Your vanity pet is in a mail you will receive.
  • Weapons with a glyph enchantment to do additional elemental (fire, frost, disease, etc.) damage use soulstones to recharge. Item traits enhance the damage of enchantments or the time between recharging.
  • Increasing your critical hit chance will also increase your critical healing chance, i.e. healing for far more than normal. You can’t heal crit on HoTs via the restoration staff (or other Heals Over Time). True healing spells (ie ones that heal flat damage) can crit via the Templar Restoring Light line (though perhaps even the DK’s self heal “Dragon Blood” might crit as well.)
  • By pressing L and R mouse buttons at the same time you can snap out of disorient and off-balance effects for 30% stamina cost.
  • Spiders feed off corpses to heal themselves, interrupt them by clicking both mouse buttons at the same time.
  • Intimidation and persuasion are passive skills from the fighter and mage guilds skill line
  • Keep a weapon in your inventory for a ranged attack if you are melee. Either a staff or a bow. If you're having trouble defeating a mob (like Gutsripper) you can kite it.
  • If you choose a DPS melee class, you're going to need multiple anti-kiting tools such as snare, teleport, fiery chain, stealth. Bow users have a lot of options to snare, knockdown, kite and put out extreme damage - a lot will be naive enough to spec for maximum damage, because there are even more naive players who will feed their XPs by not being kite-ready.
  • You need 10 accounts in a guild to unlock the guild bank with 1k spaces
  • To quickly and easily fill petty soul gems kill critters. Soul tap does all the work.
  • The sneak mechanic - If you use sneak before entering combat with a bow and charge up a full attack, you will 100% crit with it unless you are seen. This also applies to weapon skills. You can charge a bow attack and immediately cast a weapon skill to crit on both attacks. It helps a lot when soloing content.
  • The more points you have in stamina, the more damage your stamina skills will do. The more points you have in magicka, the more damage your class and magick skills will do.
  • You can move while using a skill with cast time on it - you don't have to stand still for it. It slows you down a bit while moving but don't worry about stopping and being rooted. This was in the Nightblade line. Maybe not all classes react this way but for sure I overlooked being able to move when using them because in other games you usually had to be stable. There are a few games that let you cast while moving but it's far from all games.You can't sprint and use abilities at the same time.
  • You can drop items into the bank and it will auto stack them. You can split the stacks when you remove them from the bank.
  • When you unlock weapon-swapping at level 15, you can decide to place the same type of weapon in both slots but select different abilities for your ability bar.

  • PVP

  • You need to complete the 'welcome to cyrodiil' quest first before the boards become active (update - you can skip training by speaking to npc to gain access to quests.)
  • You can get PVP quests in Cyrodiil by visiting the notice boards e.g kill enemy players, scout area, attack keep etc.
  • Soul-stones can be used to revive ally players and yourself (note you can't revive yourself in the Alliance War).
  • Third person view is usually the most effective in AvA (PVP)
  • If you plan to AvA, then PvE like you would AvA.
  • AvA melee targeting is difficult, because your opponent is going to be running around like a rabbit. Most in the Beta used ranged weapons due to this difficulty. Therefore you must master CC if you wish to melee in AvA.
  • Know when to run in AvA. If you get in sprint range, expect to respawn. Try not to stream singly into a fast moving zerg.
  • When entering a contested keep, sneak when going through a postern and door. You don't know what's on the other side.
  • Oil can be poured on the floor the pot is sitting on, causing an aoe hit to anyone in the damage radius.
  • Use ballistas on the walls to defend, trebs on the ground to attack.
  • Keep a seige shield up on the ram when it's on the door. It'll batter through before oil kills it and the drivers.
  • Set items drop in Cyrodiil that are scaled to your level that are different from the crafted sets.
  • Expect stealthed opponents when you follow the standard reinforcement line to a fight. Going out of your way a little bit might get you there in one piece.
  • Alternately, run magelight and bring a friend, and hunt the hunters.
  • When casting magelight, it stays visible even when you are sneaking.
  • Pets do not stealth with you
  • The wayshrines to get out of Cyrodiil are at the gates.
  • Some AvA quests ala capturing a scroll do not have to be completed by you personally just your faction. So if you see a scroll moving head to the board and cycle through them all till you get the one for that scroll.
  • You can pick up a deployed siege engine after you deploy it by pressing 'x'.
  • Always carry around a stone treb to break down walls and doors quickly. Always carry a fire ballista for "other targets".
  • As you get points you will receive mails from your alliance with level appropriate greens on them. Easy way to quickly gear up if you complete AvA quests.
  • All classes can stealth by crouching.
  • Siege weapons must be put in quickslot to be used
  • Use the WAYSHRINES to leave Cyridiil, not the Transite shrines.
  • Equip your siege weapons in your quick slots to use them, same as your repair kits.
  • Trebuchets are best for damage to walls
  • Ballistae for damage to siege weapons
  • Catapults for damage to enemy players
  • Healing damage caused by enemy players in AvA will award Alliance points and XP.
  • Have a separate moveset (skills)t for PVP. The best strategies against NPCs (unload all of your highest damaging skills in a row) don't work on players who do more than rush in for melee hits. Moves that immobilize, negate skills, or prevent damage are so much more useful.
  • Dont be afraid to spend Alliance Points in PVP, your total accumulated number will not decrease. So you dont have to worry about dropping in the leader boards if you want to buy equipment.
  • Don't pick a home campaign early on the first night of the beta. Wait and make sure you're not in a 10:1 odds fight before committing.
  • You get gear when you pvp, it is basically the same as pve gear, you can also buy gear in the pvp area, that is basically the same as pve gear, there are a few set bonuses that give bonuses to pvp (have to have the set of 3 ot 5 pieces), i've seen one that gave 5% extra damage against players, not sure what else is out there, its not a trait that you can research and put on every piece of gear.

  • UI

  • You can go into interface settings and turn of glow, action bar, and quest tracker and health bars to make it more like a TES game. This really makes it feel more like skyrim.
  • You can type /fps in the chat to see your frames per second.
  • You can also turn on autoloot and AE loot in the options.
  • Under settings there is an option to hide your helmet
  • Check your keybinds; Some keybinds are unbound by default, such as Toggle UI.
  • When you find a lore book, it doesn't go to your inventory. You can find it on the "Lore Library" tab of your journal (it is the second tab, next to "Quests").
  • Press and hold Q to open quickslots for potions
  • You can set a keybinding to toggle the entire UI on or off quickly, including the compass and chat window. When combined with turn off the glowing outlines it made for a bit more immersive playing experience.
  • Try right clicking in the game in places, often there are menus.
  • IIRC - you use P for party to leave a group.
  • You can adjust the millisecond timing of your dodge when you double-top WASD keys in settings to suit how fast you press keys.
  • You can see buffs on you at the bottom of the character screen C key by default. I did not notice this and would often check it when someone ran past me and gave me a buff to see what it said. I used that to see which heals worked on myself and not just a group so that I could plan my bar better. There is a heal that says it heals players in front of you but it heals you too when alone, you don't have to try to get ahead of yourself (if that's even possible).
  • If you plan on joining multiple guilds, you can color the chat of each different by using right click on the chat tabs. There are lots of other settings there including creating tabs. By default all 3 guilds I joined were the same color text.
  • If you want to walk you can, but it is not mapped. You have to go to the options and pick a key for it.
  • Use 'V' or mouse wheel, to go between 1st and 3rd person.
  • You can select dialog options with the number keys (1 = first option, 2 = second etc).

  • Some commands that people might find useful

  • /bug = report bugs
  • /feedback = report feedback
  • /p = party chat
  • /z = zone chat
  • /s = say
  • /t or /w = tell or whisper chat (same thing, just different commands)
  • /g1 - /g5 = guild chat, since one can be in 5 guild at a time thus g1 = guild, g2 = guild 2 .. g5 =guild 5
  • /emote_command = the different emotes one can do, one have to use web site to find the commands, just the way one inputs the command.
  • /played = total time played
  • /reloadui = reset the UI if one gets trap in the interface after crafting or talking to a NPC
  • /stuck (/unstuck?) = it kills your char and sends you to the nearest wayshrine -- used for the reason as /reloadui
  • You can hit the "." (period) key to show the cursor. Handy for chat.
  • Q (hold) – Open quickslot radial menu
  • Q (press) – Use selected slotted quickslot item
  • Left Mouse Button – Attack with equipped weapon. Tap to execute a light attack, hold down for a heavy attack
  • Right Mouse Button – Block
  • Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button – Perform a bash, interrupting some enemy attacks
  • Hold Right Mouse Button + Click Left Mouse Button – Break crowd control effects
  • /jumptofriend - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to a named friend.
  • /jumptogroupmember - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to a named group member.
  • /jumptoguildmember - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to a named guild member.
  • /jumptoleader - The slash command to jump to the wayshrine/graveyard closest to the group leader.
  • /yell or /y - The slash command to set the current chat channel to Yell. The following text will be sent to all players in your local vicinity, wider ranging than /say but not zone wide. Followed by a space, and then the text to send.
  • /chatlog - The slash command to toggle chat logging on or off.
  • /invite - The slash command to invite another player to your group. Followed by a space, and then the group-invite-target's name. (Account name can be used with an @ symbol before the full name.)
  • /fps - The slash command to toggle the display of current framerate.
  • One more way to exit the interface if one gets stuck in a NPC dialog or crafting -- just click on the mail icon and will let one exit
  • /help = help screen (another way for feedback, bug reports or a wiki)
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    pass: dorf
    MosTataie: Sal tuturor am rezolvat cu mumble dar mai dureaza cateva zile ca tre sa imi cumpar mic(cel vechi s-a stricat), deocam data pot doar auzi..:)
    MosTataie: Off abia astept sa vina ziua de Marti sa pot incepe jocul, mai am 3 zile de asteptare, my main will be Sorc sper inca ma mai gandesc daca sa incep cu sorc sau ranger sau witch sau berseker..
    Beasty: eu sunt sigur ca o sa joc ranger ... doar din principiu ahahah
    Beasty: si eu o sa joc doar la release ... nu mai dau bani pe mmo's ... am ars banii pe eso ... wildstar ... si multe altele ... acum am rabdare :P
    MosTataie: eu am avut bani doar de explorer pack... asta e saracie mare in romanica noastra dar am dat banii ca astept jocu asta de 2 ani si pare chiar promitator, am mai jucat cu anii in urma cand eram tanar si frumos pe bani WoW dar cu mult timp inainte...:)
    Beasty: eu le am incercat pe toate ... acum stau si eu cuminte ... ca nu pleaca jocul nicaieri :P
    Wicked.One1: neatza
    Wicked.One1: ce fac fetele?
    Wicked.One1: ce, va-ti rusinat?.. de nu mai vorbiti :))
    Wicked.One1: cum vin, cum e liniste
    Wicked.One1: Kinky!
    Wicked.One1: Ala e nume sau obicei? :))
    Wicked.One1: ba ce liniste ba baiatule,
    MosTataie: Sal
    MosTataie: Astazi am aparut si eu pe aici, sper sa pot face parte din comunitatea voastra in BDO
    Adrian: hey salut
    Adrian: cand dau connect pe mumble imi zice host not found wtf?
    Adrian: Server connection failed: Host not found.
    Adrian: gata am reusit si eu :)
    MosTataie: Buna dimineata oameni buni astazi e ziua cea mare pt cei cu Conqueror package, bafta tuturor si distractie placuta noi cei cu Explorer pack va tinem pumnii si va invidiem...:)
    Strumfi: Neatza tataie.
    Beasty: cum e jocul ? toata lumea hyped ? :)) )
    Darkhan: Poate sa faca cineva niste print screens la shop (real money) si sa puna pe forum?
    Azu: Shop`u nu merge acum, o sa mearga pe data de 3 la release
    SpookyBoogie: salut , mai este loc in guild ? acu ma apuc si eu si vroiam sa stiu ce server . ms
    Beasty: intra pe mumble Spooky
    Beasty: vb cu baietii acolo
    Clau: salut
    Clau: acuma intru si io
    Clau: pe ce server?
    Clau: Alustin
    Clau: si canalu?
    Tijs: salut, e cineva prin joc? s-a creat clan-ul/guild-ul? :)
    Elite: Salut. Suntem, suntem. Da, s-a creat clanul :) :P
    Beasty: m am sucit ... am dat contu de bdo ... not for me ... fk that
    Beasty: have fun guys ;)
    Beasty: ne vedem in The Division boyzzz ;)
    Cris: Hello.. ma poate adauga si pe mine cineva in guild? Numele caracterului meu este CaleSecreta. Joc casual (servici+30 spre 40 de ani).
    Dony: Pentru cei care sa achizitioneze Diablo 3, il aveti acum la pret redus D3 = 40 lei iar D3 RoS = 45 lei
    Dony: ***link***
    Dony: ***link***
    Beasty: thanks Dony
    Dony: Cu placere Beasty
    Padre: Careva prin "The Division" cauta companie? :)
    DarkManole: Pai vezi ca sunt baietii seara pe Mumble pentru Division .. doar intra si vorbeste cu ei
    Dony: ce le-a dat astora prin cap sa faca din ARK
    Dony: ***link***
    Beasty: sunt la moda acum Dony , survival games. Si the Culling a avut succes ... si h1z1 king of the hill .... se orienteaza acum baietii pe asta :P
    Beasty: hunger games fans all over the world ....
    dennysden: Salutare. Ma poate ajuta cineva cu niste informatii despre guilda de pe BDO.
    Beasty: scoti mumble ... vb cu baietii din sectiunea Black Desert .... cel mai simplu ;)
    Strumfi: Deci eu ma opun , nu am chef sa joc cu Pain in guild. Daca il prind pe mumble il banez instant . Nu stau cu un taran oligofren in Ygdra CARE NU stie nici macar sa isi scrie propria limba si ma injura de mama . Pt mine ma infioara numai gandul ca un om ca ala poate sa intre in guild. Oamenilor le-ai spus Elite ce vrei sa faci ? 90 % din oameni nici macar nu stiu ca intentionezi sa ii muti din guild ca sa faci tu pvp .
    Strumfi: stam sa mutam 70 oameni ca sa vina 20 cu care aveti voi chef sa va frecati intre voi .
    Strumfi: si nu e vorba de archeage. E vorba de oameni . Refuzi sa intelegi ca factorul uman e cel mai important
    DarkManole: strumf nu o dati in drame ca nu e bine
    DarkManole: din ce mi-a explcat misha sunt prea mult oameni ca sa intre intr-o singura guilda
    DarkManole: si e mai bine sa se mearga cu 2 bazate pe gameplay
    Elite: Esti singurul care in prezent are o problema cu Pain. Ai luat parte si ai contribuit la flame wars pe toate forumurile pe care v-ati intalnit.
    DarkManole: strumf vb si cu mine inainte sa continui cu drama bla bla care oricat de aprinsa ar fi nu face decat sa strice si atat
    Sleepy_J: harta interactiva Dark Zone ***link***
    Beasty: ***link***
    Beasty: have fun
    Dony: Tree of Savior a intrat in early acces.
    Dony: Care vreti sa-l incercati e disponibil pe steam cu cel mai ieftin early acces la 10 euro
    Dony: ***link***
    Strumfi: nu e rau ca grafica , imi place stilul . nu prea imi place combatul aduce a wakfu .
    Dony: N-are legatura cu Wakfu la combat
    Dony: Ala era un turn based iar asta e action
    admin: am avut probleme cu hardul de pe server ... am repus site-ul din backup ... for now ... si o sa ma ocup de el peste 2 saptamani cand vin din concediu
    admin: o sa tot fie picat siete-ul pana pe la inceputul lui octombrie
    admin: site-ul*
    Strumfi: A inviat site-ul lu Manolo . Cred ca au esuat negocierile cu partea chineza si nu a putut sa-l vanda .
    DarkManole: e zburdalnic rau .. nu vrea si nu vrea sa stea si el ok :P
    DarkManole: da cu o bombonica alea alea se rezolva pana la urma :)
    DarkManole: ai mai gasit vreun tbs fains trumf? ca am incercat halcyon 6 ala dar nu m-a prins
    Strumfi: e belita manolo . M-am dus in legion , in wow :)
    Strumfi: vad ca a aparut ceva nou fractured space . un fel de moba cu nave in spatiu .
    DarkManole: l-am incercat aseara vreo ora si o sa maio bag si azi
    DarkManole: e un battle arena
    DarkManole: fara mobi ca intr-un moba normal
    DarkManole: doar 5v5
    DarkManole: cu point control
    DarkManole: cred ca mai degraba un fel de CS cu nave in loc de pusti si pistoale :P
    Draku: Vai vai strumfule, wow in 2016?
    Draku: Eu am terminat macar Grim Dawn pe HC, ma simt implinit :))
    Draku: De fapt nici eu nu prea mai am ce juca de acum, Titan Quest nu ma atrage, nici PoE...
    DarkManole: unul dintre jocurile mele favorite de genul la astea de le-ai zis mai sus Drak .. e Torchlight 2 .. daca nu l-ai incercat .. baga mare ca nu o sa regreti
    DarkManole: cel mai tare m-am distrat cu cannonul in el :) pur si simplu 100% fun blowing stuff up :P
    Draku: Am jucat putin mai demult, e cam cartoonish
    Draku: dar ca si gameplay mi-a placut
    DarkManole: am mai gasit 2 jocuri faine
    DarkManole: Firewatch pentru cui ii plac povestile bine spuse
    DarkManole: si Forest Village pentru cui i-a placut Banished sau city building games
    Draku: Eu m-am apucat WE trecut de Fractured Space. Am luat Armada pack care deblocheaza toate navele ca sa nu am grind de facut.
    Draku: A picat la fix ca nu mai aveam ce juca, vroiam sa ma apuc de niste adventure point&click pe care le aveam de mult pe lista.
    Draku: pacat ca nu prea are jucatori FS
    DarkManole: Are you sure you want to uninstall Hearthstone and remove all files?
    DarkManole: YES > click
    DarkManole: primul joc din viatza mea la care i-am dat uninstall din cauza ca a devenit atat de stresant incat absolut nimic din el nu mai imi aduce nici macar 1 secunda de bucurie
    Draku: pentru mine a fost League of Legends, jocul care mi-a facut cei mai multi nervi
    DarkManole: M-am apucat de un healer in ESO .. e super fain noul patch .. practic faci ce quest vrei in orice zona vrei indiferent de level .. e super tare chestia
    Terente: manolo mai joci ESO?
    Terente: ma gandeam sa ma bag si eu :)
    Laur: Se baga careva la battlefield 1?
    Laur: O.O
    DarkManole: da terente .. am bagat in fiecare zi ..
    DarkManole: si neatza laure :)
    DarkManole: in schimb dupa ce am facut lvl 10 si mi-am "reamintit" jocul parca as trece inapoi pe tank :)
    DarkManole: sincer mi-e indiferent daca joc tank sau healer .. dps nu vreau :P .. tu ce bagi?
    DarkManole: apropo isi mai aduce cineva aminte de Drunken Ygdra? :) ***link***
    Laur: Comentariile fac defapt tot hazul ;)
    Laur: asta manole e good times totusi :) ***link***
    DarkManole: :) si uitasem de ala laure
    DarkManole: dar daca dai search pe youtube mai sunt cateva din astea vechi
    DarkManole: gen : ***link***
    DarkManole: sau ***link***
    Laur: Good times, good times
    DarkManole: cu ce te mai lauzi laure?
    Laur: Cu nimic, nu mai bag decat poe
    Laur: Voi?
    DarkManole: single players la greu anul asta
    DarkManole: mai nimic multi
    Laur: cam asa e pentru toti
    Laur: doar tu si kinki in eso?
    Laur: sau mai aveti pe careva?
    DarkManole: doar noi .. suntem pe mumble acuma daca ai chef sa vi
    Laur: Ma, voi vorbiti prin semne pe mumble?O.O
    DarkManole: eu m-am dus sa fac ceva de mancare :) brb in 5 min
    Strumfi: pai se putea sa nu dezgroape manolo
    Strumfi: vreun artefact
    Strumfi: precum catelul oase ...
    Strumfi: oricum e panarama ceva imi spune ca Ygdra va lua concediu si pe 2017
    Strumfi: asta desigur daca nu o lasi pe mana lui misha din nou :)) )
    DarkManole: ce artefacte strumf? ESO? ala nu e artefact :P update 12 l-a transformat intr-un joc nou noutz :P
    DarkManole: shi cam da .. tot nu se vede nimic la orizont
    DarkManole: si nu astept decat Camelot Unchained pt PVP si Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen pt PVE
    DarkManole: anyway .. daca n-ai ce baga da o shansa la ESO .. eu bag vreo 4-5 ore pe zi de cand a venit updateul si merita
    DarkManole: vroiam sa refac site-ul si multe altele si in loc sa fac asta omor monstrii acuma :P da tot ajung si la redesign intr-o zi din astea fara soare :P
    Strumfi: joaca cineva battlefield 1 ? nu il iau daca nu am cu cine juca :)
    Strumfi: nu imi place solo caci sunt chiftea
    Draku: eu m-am apucat de Steel Ocean, imi place mai mult ca WoWs
    Draku: imi aduce aminte de Navyfield
    DarkManole: Dony vezi ca se relanseaza Nostalrius : ***link***
    Beasty: am eu bf1 daca vrei sa te joci strumfex, nici eu nu prea am avut chef sa joc solo, de abia daca am facut vreo 2 meciuri
    Beasty: let me know ;)
    admin: gata am terminat de mestesugarit la partea de hardware de pe server
    admin: nu o sa mai fie offline
    admin: sapt viitoare ma apuc sa redesenez template-ul si sa refac viewerul de mumble :P
    DarkManole: N-am reusit nici saptamana trecuta .. poate urmatoarea :)
    Draku: Nu lasa pe maine ce poti face azi, lasa pe poimaine ca poate nu mai e nevoie :))
    DarkManole: nu las nu las :)
    DarkManole: da parca si la anu' e bine nu ? :)
    Elite: Manoleeeeeee, BDO ?
    Elite: Strumfi, pai ce ai facut ma nene ma, nu mai vrei BDO ?
    Dony: Strumful e cu mine in WOW. Ne rupem gatul prin Legion.
    Strumfi: Bai nene ma dupa ce ai umplut clanul de oameni ce imi trimiteau link cu toporul din starter packs neutilizat si se si mandreau cu asta ca ei sunt mari luptatori ( Ceea ce ma indoiesc avand in vedere ca 20 oameni alergau un sorc prin mlastini si nu il prindeau ) si stateam sa ma rog de ei sa taie 3 lemne , cred ca zic pass :) Si propun ca eu si Manole sa triem oamenii inainte sa mai vin in vreun joc . Vb serios .
    Strumfi: in plus nu vad ce ai putea face in jocul ala inafara sa grinduiesti de tampit de dragul de a deveni ,, competitiv ,, .
    Strumfi: dar poate aruncati un ochi pe asta Dark and light . coming 2017
    Strumfi: ***link***
    Strumfi: e cam singurul mmorpg ce poate apare in 2017
    Strumfi: revelation online dar e cam chinezarie si cam meh .
    Strumfi: Lost ark pt fanii Diablo si hack and slash .
    Strumfi: Ar mai fi si chronicles of elyria dar n ucred ca jocul ala o sa prinda la multa lume :)
    Strumfi: ***link***
    Strumfi: e un concept extrem de interesant daca aveti rabdare sa il ascultati pe pletosul ala
    Strumfi: permadeath daca mori pe ocean . vikingii tata :) pt ca ocean exploration is not for everybody . Doar pt aia bogati ce isi permit sa mai cumpere un cont :)) )
    Strumfi: e f tare pt ca trebuie sa muncesti pt haine , mancare si alte chestii pe plantatia unui baron sau conte .
    Strumfi: ***link***
    Strumfi: ***link***
    Strumfi: si ultimul promit , despre housing. despre cum un housing ar trebui sa fie intr un joc. ***link***
    Strumfi: si la multi ani :)
    Draku: La multi ani!
    Draku: Cred ca e o idee foarte buna sa triati oamenii in MMO-ul viitor (stumfu si manole)
    Draku: Calitatea oamenilor din Ygdra facea ca sa fie o gilda in care am jucat cu placere de foarte multi ani
    Draku: jucati WoW versiunea oficiala Dony? sau Nostalrius
    Strumfi: oficial .
    Strumfi: cotizam . Blizz stopped making games long ago now is making money :)
    Strumfi: Un joc de cards f interesant ce l-a gasit oni este Krosmaga si e free. Give it a try,eu momentan farmez prin WoW.
    Dony: Krosmaga e super. Il joc si eu. E un concept foarte interesant si foarte bine realizat.
    Dony: Apropo asta pare iarasi foarte promitator ***link***
    Draku: Ala cu hotii e interesant. Trebuie sa ne bagam.
    Draku: Il punem pe strumfu sa care ditai lada cu aur juma de insula si apoi il lasam pe plaja sa dea explicatii la piratii barbosi :)
    Dony: Buna idee :))
    Dony: Pentru cei carora va plac card games trebuie sa jucati Krosmaga neaparat
    Dony: Cel mai tare CCG pe care l-am jucat cu mult peste Hearthstone
    Dony: Manolo daca nu-l incerci pierzi foarte mult mai ales ca tie iti plac card games
    Dony: Apropo vedeti ca au pus astia Far Cry Primal pe Filelist
    Dony: ***link***
    Draku: oricat de bun ar fi jocul nu as putea trece peste grafica infantila
    Dony: Pai eu nu stiu ce pretentii de grafica ai tu la CCG-uri
    Dony: Manolo cand poti cauta-ma pe B-net sau pe Steam daca vrei cheie pentru Smite Tactics
    Dony: ***link***
    Laur: Daca mai e cineva care e interesat sau a primit invite in closed beta la Revelation Online anuntatima sa bagam :P
    Laur: Da... lasa... am primit invitatie si cand sa intru la ei pe site nu merge si invitatia nu ma lasa sa intru in joc ...:|
    Strumfi: Nu cred ca e prea multa lume happy de joculetul ala . E cam revolta cu el
    Strumfi: dar doreste cineva sa ii dea o sansa la Conan Exiles ?E aproape fix ca ARK . Sa speram ca iese vreodata din early
    Laur: Asa e stunf, lumea nu prea e happy de el dar mi se pare ca e decent in lipsa de alte mmouri :))
    Dony: Eu am closed beta si la Revelation online dar cand am intrat in prima sesiune beta nici macar nu era tradus decat in proportie de 25%
    Dony: Apropo e careva interesat de beta la For Honor ? Mai am doua invitatii. Pentru cei care nu stiu cu ce se mananca For Honor, aruncati un ochi aici ***link***
    Laur: Eu sunt interesat Dony dar nu vreau sa joc beta, astept sa se lanseze si sa vad daca e doar un hype sau chiar se popularizeaza.
    Dony: Din ce vad acum nu sunt buguri doar ceva probleme cu conexiunea dar sunt rare
    Dony: N-ar fi rau sa te bagi sa joci cateva zile free ca sa te lamuresti daca merita sa dai banii pe el sau nu
    Strumfi: dIN PUNCTUL MEU DE VEDERE FOR HONOR, scz de caps, este o mizerie ordinara marca ubishit.
    Strumfi: i-am dat uninstall azi.
    Strumfi: totusi daca vrea cineva sa il incerce ii pot da contul de uplay
    Strumfi: motivele pt care zic asta sunt in primul rand controlul haotic si faptul ca e aproape imposibil sa parezi ceva cu soarecul. Poate cu un controler sa mai ai vreo sansa.
    Strumfi: hartile mici si inghesuite .
    Strumfi: cred ca este un mare fiasco din partea lor . Nu ca nu ne-am obisnuit. Cine isi mai aduce aminte de might and magic :)
    Strumfi: Cred ca voi incerca Conan Exiles pe 31 . pentru cei ce vor sa se bage lasati un mesaj aici sau pe Computer Games forum la sectiunea MMORPG / Conan Exiles. Ese practic un Ark fara tame mechanics fara dinos si mai focusat pe player vs player.
    Laur: Ce revoltat esti strumf ;) dar oricum jocul e asa cum trebuie, e un simulator de lupte, nu ii trebuie harti mari la fel cum la mortal combat nuti trebuie harti, controalele da, sunt de acord ca sunt gandid\te prea mult pentru controler dar pentru ci are 8)
    Draku: pe 31 iese din Early Access sau abia ii dau drumul?
    Draku: Daca e versiunea completa poate ma bag si eu
    Draku: Early Access nu joc niciodata, sunt un boshorog puturos si urasc wipe-urile
    Strumfi: Nu iti da wipe Dracule. E a in ARK . nu ne-a dat niciodata wipe.
    Strumfi: dar da , e early access
    Strumfi: Laur, jocul ala o sa vezi o sa fie scuipat f mult in lunile ce vor urma. din partea mea, sa se bucure de el :)
    Strumfi: Nu imi aduc aminte sincer de ultimul joc bun facut de Ubi .
    Dony: Stai linistit Strumfule ca nici Conan Exiles nu merita banii. O sa fie un epic fail cu toate rahaturile alea de summon gods si grindul ala infernal pentru materiale de construit. Eu cel putin n-am de gand sa platesc pentru mizeriile astea doua care se lanseaza acum.
    Strumfi: Absolut,mi-am luat gandul de jocuri bune pana prin februarie,dar o sa fiu in conan mai mult pt caterinca.Dau 30 euro sau cat dracu e mai mutl ca sa rad cu baietii .
    Strumfi: ramane valabil. cine vrea sa incerce for honour ii dau contul meu
    Strumfi: cine vrea un joc ok combinatie de league of legends si starcraft 2 incercati neaparat Dropzone , e 20 para pe steam.
    Dony: Waaagh incoming ***link***
    Dony: Faza de la sfarsit dupa anunt e dementiala
    DarkManole: le-am jucat pe toate dar sunt din ce in ce mai proaste
    Dony: ***link*** Ce zici Strumfule nu ti-e dor de niste lemn si piatra ?
    Dony: ***link***
    DarkManole: tare ma mananca si pe mine sa ma bag la Albion ^^
    DarkManole: m-a lamurit strumf ca nu e de fapt lansarea la albion .. ci doar inca o etapa de beta urmata de wipe .. asha ca ..
    DarkManole: Hello!

    Thank you for purchasing a Veteran Founder`s Pack for Albion Online.
    DarkManole: :)
    Dony: Manolo daca l-ai luat lasa si tu ID-ul tau aici.
    Dony: Noi il avem de vreo 6-7 luni daca nu mai mult dar n-am mai intrat pe el de vreo 3 luni
    Dony: Am sa ma bag din nou acum sa vad ce au mai adus nou
    DarkManole: Snowalker
    DarkManole: de azi de la 2 ma lasa pe mine sa intru ca am luat pachetul ala cel mai iefin de 30 de para
    DarkManole: daca va cumparati albion folositi link asta :) ***link***
    Dony: Albion se merita jucat doar daca ai guild maricel Manolo
    admin: pai asta am tot zis si eu :)
    admin: nu stiu inca daca fac guild romanesc .. dar clar nici nu ma gandesc sa joc fara guild
    Dony: Manolo daca vreti sa jucati ceva super tare pe Steam bagati asta ***link***
    Dony: L-am gasit acum 3 ore si de atunci l-am jucat la greu
    Dony: Merge jucat in guild si trag toti din guild pentru shards si rewardurile de la ele.
    Dony: Incercati-l ca e free si e pacat sa-l ratati.
    Dony: Apropo fa-ne si noua te rog un room pe discord pentru Shardbound ca a intrat si Strumful si mai vin vreo doi amici
    Terente: Manolo intra si tu in ESO si da-mi acces la guild banc pls :)
    DarkManole: Il pun diseara la updatat si intru
    DarkManole: ***link*** ***link*** muzica ruseasca :)
    Dony: Quake Champions a intrat in closed beta. Cei care vreti sa-l incercati intrati aici ***link*** si luati-va key
    Dony: Destiny 2 va fi publicat de catre Blizzard si va fi lansat pe data de 8 Septembrie inclusiv pentru PC. Aici aveti un trailer cu gameplay ***link***
    Draku: ***link***
    Draku: cine mai joaca Crossout?
    DarkManole: Alion in cateva ore ! yay
    DarkManole: Albion * :))
    Dony: Aruncati un ochi aici ***link*** sa vedeti caterinca in Dark and Light cu Cristi, Strumful, Kolonelu si subsemnatul.
    Dony: :)) :) ):))
    Dony: Beta la Destiny 2 e live. Intre 29-31 puteti intra sa-l incercati toti care sunteti interesati.
    Draku: Mai joaca cineva Krosmaga?
    Draku: Parca nu m-as intoarce la heàrthstone
    Dony: Eu inca mai joc Krosmaga.
    Dony: Cred ca si Strumful mai joaca dar nu-s chiar asa de sigur
    Draku: eu l-am instalat aseara, fiu'meu se uita la serialul de desene animate Wakfu asa ca...
    Dony: Vezi ca ti-am lasat mesaj pe Discord
    Dony: Sea of Thieves are alpha weekend 13-16 octombrie. Cei interesati sa-l incerce, inscrieti-va la ei pe site si veti primi invitatie.
    Dony: Apropo, jocul nu poate fi jucat decat daca rulati windows 10 ca sistem de operare.
    Dony: CInematicul la noul expansion din World of Warcraft arata bestial. Aruncati un ochi aici ***link***
    Preacher: Mai joaca cineva wow si pe ce server?
    Dony: Strumful joaca WOW pe serverul Deathwing daca nu ma insel.
    Draku: Craciun Fericit!!!
    DarkManole: In vreo luna doua o sa inchid site-ul
    DarkManole: Nu mai are rost sa il tin deschis
    DarkManole: A fost fain cat am cutreierat prin toate mmo-urile cu Ygdra
    DarkManole: dar "a fost" si nu va ma fi .
    DarkManole: Cheers si ne auzim pe steam/blizz etc
    Dony: Pacat de amintirile astea de aici de pe forum.